HPPFS was the first Toller in Southern California and the first to provide co-packing services for HPP products in the US. 

Providing a high level of customer service and technical expertise is the foundation that we have built our business on and what we are known for in the industry. Below you will find the many benefits of high pressure processing and how it can be the link to getting your product into stores and ultimately to your customers. 


The Many Benefits of HPP

  • Maintains Freshness

  • Protects brand equity

  • Longer shelf life

  • Natural taste

  • Original texture

  • 100% nutritional value

  • Zero preservatives

  • Foods Safety


Other Services at HPPFS

  • Freezer storage

  • DTC and E-commerce fulfillment

  • Blast freezing

  • Thawing

  • Repacking

  • Cross docking (overweight corridor)